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Spaceresearcher's Journal
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Saturday, November 6th, 2010
3:17 am
Hello any person who reads these.

It's been a while since I posted on live journal and normally I would write a massive speal, however I just wanted to add the following.

Flying is fantastic but even more incredible is the love I have found in my loving partner and soul mate: Melinda. I would like to add that if there are those out there in the world who find yourselves putting up with someone that is abusing you, don't put up with someone who isn't honestly and equally supportive of you, life is to short to live in a one way street. Move on and discover the wonder that is truly the person you belong with.

Love you Meli.

Monday, January 11th, 2010
7:17 pm
WELCOME to 2010
Hello All,


That's the main news I have and I'm trying to make a post there at least every 2 months.

Find it difficult to add an entry every day as I don't want to add posts like...

Got up..
Took a dump...
Scratched my.....

So now I have a website up and plan to update that. It's not directly Sean, however it's what I am and I'll be expanding that from now on.

Still great to see live journal is here for me, I'll be sure to add it to my website links.

All the best to everyone for 2010,
Friday, May 23rd, 2008
6:32 pm
Well for that aforementioned weekend just passed I've finally got a chance to post an entry what went down?

SATURDAY: I arrived at the meeting place for the Brisbane SciFi clubs production of budget star wars but couldn't get there thanks to traffic till 9:47am. They did mention something about 9:30am so I probably just missed them. Alas the only thing missing from the scene was the sound of crickets chirping. So I think I'd best get some contact phone number off of those individuals next I am in there corporeal presence.

I did however have a great afternoon around with some friends playing the fantastic RPG White Wolf game Aberrant. If you have not played that, it's pretty groovy by the way. There were many 'interesting' moments in that game and some I dare not speak of, lest I push the fine line of taste but never the less my super hero character who can alter the molecular structure of practically anything (well with the exception of Ayers Rock, they wouldn't let me turn it into a spacecraft to get to Mars but that's another story).

SUNDAY: I went along to my first Queensland Star Trekkers meeting and let me just tell you all it's a delightful motley crew of a hooten nanny group there. I met a lot of new friends and am looking forward to the next meeting. I met one chap who could even speak Klingon (now how cool is that?). Klingon's are the in thing at the moment with the Trek club and guys I have to tell you this Beetroot dip I had today looked very Klingon food like indeed. Also there's a surprise I hope to unveil at the next meeting if possible, well a few, well you'll see.

For those fellow fans interested in that grand Utoipian vision of G.R. and joining this great club, the details can be found here: http://www.quest-qld.com/

It's a great group of folks and if you need assistance putting together that Klingon costume, unique prop ideas or just having a great ol Trek chat then this is the place to head.

More to venture forth,
Hoping your all well and in great spirits this Friday night,
Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
6:25 pm
SCIFI THIS WEEKEND (That's 17th and 18th of May 2008 Great species): A couple of events.
SCI-FI EVENTS on Saturday and Sunday THIS weekend (17/5/08 and 18/05/08).

ON SATURDAY there's the Brisbane SciFi with "Brisbane SCI-FI does Star Wars: "A New Hope" in 15 minutes or something crazy, total fun to be had there. Details are:
Long story short, we're going to film a cheap and easy remake of Star Wars: A New Hope. There's a popular filming thing going around called 'sweded' (from the movie Be Kind Rewind) and we want to take a crack at it.

If you're interested, we'll be meeting at Bethania Station (Beenleigh Line) from 9:30am to organise props and costumes, then will start filming around 12pm. If you're interested just come right along and you can make an appearance on screen.

(I've got a nice budget replica of the sword used by the Assasin from Serenity. It's not exactly like the one in the movie but it could still be cool as some kind of prop in the shoot. We could try some slime for giving a visual representation of those with the force and the midaclurian levels.(ONLY IF THE DIRECTOR PERMITS OF COURSE) That would be a nice new take. (Better see if I can grab some before Sat), then tomato sauce for blood is a must. :) C3PO could just be someone dressed in yellow paper bags and white boxes. :)

Hmmm, I've still got my R2D2 money box that could be used for a long shot of R2 over the sand dunes. (It's got a bit faded and even has what now looks like rust marks (I stored penny's in him, if your a collector this a no no, but I'm not taking my penny's out of R2).

Then ON SUNDAY, I'll be heading to my first Star Trek fan club meeting. Evidently there really into Klingon costumes at the moment which wouldn't be the easiest costuming to make, especially if they go for the Next Gen and DS9 style outfits. (The original series klingons would be a snap though. :) ).

The details are:
QUEST (Queensland Star Trekkers) Club meeting.
Sunday 18th of May 2008 from 10:00am till 4:00pm
All meetings are held at the Fortitude Valley PCYC, cnr Church and Wickham Streets, Fortitude Valley.
Here's to meeting all of you and more of you and unknowns of you and those that prefer not to be called you's and them's.

Ad Astra,
Monday, May 5th, 2008
9:53 am
The 4/5/2008 marked a great evening with the introduction of the Brisbane SciFi group and it was great to meet you all.

They indulged me by checking out one of my many weird objects I just can't throw out(plan on turning that into something cool guys, to be unveiled at a future meeting), we talked many shows and veins of SciFi and John was there for some Blakes 7 show and tell. (Hope to have a nice version of the liberator gun all ready for next meeting too).

The website to get involved with this group is: www.brisbanescifi.com

Many thanks to all of you great people, look forward to meeting with you all again,
Sean A. Curtin
Saturday, May 3rd, 2008
12:26 pm
SCIFI EVENT: Brisbane SciFi Club get together/Meeting.
Simple. This Saturday at 2:00pm

There's a SciFi group get together at the Plough Inn.

Event Date: 3 May 2008 (Single Day Event)

Group: Admin
Posts: 177
Joined: 22-May 07 Brisbane Sci fi Main Meet.

Everyone welcome

Venue is the Plough Inn, Southbank

Time: 2pm onwards

For those who don't know as I didn't.

The Plough Inn: For details and an address visit:

Here's to that.

Sean out.
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
8:44 pm
Science Fiction and maybe even Science Fact Get Together's Meetings Link Ups, Movement, any ups.
Hello one and all.

It was with some sadness that I learned of the North Brisbane Sci Fi meetup group going into the gurgler. Hence from it's ashes I'd like to get something else happening as there's just way to few fun, interesting and imaginative individuals such as yourselves out there and I for one would like to see more events happening were us Sci-Fi minded people can get together to rant, rave and have fun with the visions and ideas we all love.

A bit about myself. Well you could read my Journal entries if you have some spare time and of that I would thank you in advance for indulging me. For those with less time, the short version is. I'm keen on Space, SciFi, advances in technology, love to build things and enjoy Diving, acting, flying, reading, writing, are look ask me and there's a chance I'll be interested in something to do with it.

Now onto something more important, like the SCI-FI group.

Alrighty then. Basically I'd really like a group or even online chats etc that I could get going to get like minded individuals together. Places, faces, times and events where we could all get together to have fun. A FREE way for us to all get together devoid of fees and other such non-visionary / non-utopian style delvings.

While charity amongst one another is encouraged it is not expected.

For those interested I will of course start a list of great Sci-Fi groups around the Brisbane area as I find them, however the important thing to me is to be able to get together and have fun. (Be it online, at parks, carnivals, car yards or what ever meeting place takes your fancy). The rules(frankly I'd rather not develop rules and these days people are sensible let's call them break the ice formalities interactions. Is that too strange?) of a group will come with time. All I ask is that no one is negative towards anyone else and that we all have fun.

With the boring stuff out of the way. Here's to what I propose.

I'll start off listing events and things right here at my Live Journal. For those who don't yet know it. It's a free place were you can put up an online journal about yourself or whatever. Please do note that the entire world can read whatever you post on the "Live" Journal, hence that live part in there. In a way this is great as it promotes thought to journal entries. (If your scared by this be comforted by the fact you can declare some messages as just for friends only etc so rest assured there's no pressure). In any case you'll be able to respond with no hassles. Later on I can even start some free email chat setups if that would be of interest to anyone.

So there it is, I'll now go and post off some emails to members of the group. Please spread the word, get back to me with what you think and together I'm sure we can all get some seriously fun Science Fiction ideas, fun chats, meet ups, parties, you name it happening.

In the words of the immortal Tharg (What you've never read an issue of the galaxies greatest comic '2000AD', go check out you poor deprived beings),

Sean A. Curtin

PS. Spaceresearcher is simply a name I splurged out one evening while filling out a registration, it stuck and has become synonymous with quality overtones ever since. :)
Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
6:29 pm
Where's the salvation. Better keep going.
Well here it is, 3 months into the new year and all I've been able to come up with is work, work and more work. Then there's the other thing I can't mention on a globally readable site for security reasons but needless to say somethings about to give.

On a grander note, I've at least been able to coble together some new tracks and I've been doing some jamming with new friends I've met here in Brisbane. Supported one of them doing some covers in a band competition too which was fun.

So at least I'll have my 2nd album out by hopefully no latter than mid year and after this I'm going to try commercial for my 3rd. I SO HAVE TO GET A WEBSITE UP and RUNNING. It will feature my music and interesting areas of my work for everyone to enjoy, so please do hassle me out about that constantly as it's got to be done.

On the acting front it's been cold zone.

On the gamming front it's been a little warm with mild to easterly White Wolf games and the other night at a SciFi party I met with a new friend who's into Cyberpunk so that will be great to finally be able to play a game I've enjoyed reading about for so long.

Finally there's my novels which I've got to get in and finish. Like my music it's had to take a back seat to work and the money machine.

I know people, I'm there I'm doing that, it's always a struggle and times are showing everything is getting more expensive every day. Like my lyric, you just have to 'get up and keep on going'.

Here's hoping I'll be able to publish a more exciting journal and that everyone is achieving there goals and feeling the necessary breeze of success.

Yours with no regrets,
Sean A. Curtin
Saturday, December 22nd, 2007
1:24 pm
Merry MERRY Christmas everybody.

Here's to breaking my mold and emerging from the secluded secretive Sean to the more outward sharing Sean.

Hope it it is indeed a Merry one filled with all your hearts desires, happiness, passion, fulfillment and much much splendor and that all your friends and family are well.

Alright I'll even go hippy for the occasion.

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OOOOOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. (For those with speech cards, I do apologies for this line and simply declare, Kisses and Hugs alround.).
Sunday, August 26th, 2007
10:03 pm
There's more.
Tis been a while since me ol keyboard hast coped a feel of the pressure my fingers exert on it's tender keys whilst typing an entry into the Live Journal of ol.

Lest not forget the ungst of the exst and inst that ist ya all.

How goes Sean.

Righty oh, so where am I at.

Goals are getting there, slowly but surely. As mentioned a while back my first album has been completed and this ones to be mailed out all over the world. That's happening slowly and surely.
When I get my quota of feedback I'll then get to work implementing a website.

My new album will be forthcomming, however I'm currently working with my good friend Andrew to put together some peices he's had in his mind for years. That's getting there and it's been most interesting. Andrew has a way of writing that's outside of what I'd ever write. Somewhat bitter, yet poetic and with deep thoughts fluctuate the material and make it interesting to put music too.
More on this soon.

I've been going through a retro mode of late, injecting all the greatness that is peices I've heard on and off over the years, yet never really tapped into until now. I always find that when I'm lost with the new mainstream music and don't understand it's direction anymore, I go back into the classics and rarities of my favourite era's and find not just solice but the direction I'm after to help me with my own peices. It's easy to get into ruts where you start to get too addicted to a particular sound. What I've found is that this makes you eternally happy but can tend to bore the listener. I sometimes wonder how people in the renaissance period, handled hapsichord minor concertoes (many sound alike). I can tell the composer was really getting off with these great riffs, but could picture a nobleman yawning and whispering to there current partner (not another one of these).

Having said that, I can get into phases where I don't give a rats about the listener and just want to have fun, but this to me is what each and every person injects into music. The music goes out and becomes different things to different people. What you hear, is not what someone else hears. This concept has often fascinated and still continues to amaze me.

Tonight I got a knock on the Skype door from an old friend, to me that's a great thing and brings new tunes into my mind.

The other side of my mind is taken up with working on industrial machinery at the moment, but that doesn't tear me away completely from thinking of all the great people out there. Keep at it everyone.

Finally in the words of the great Toyah Willcox: "Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Heard".
Monday, January 15th, 2007
10:56 am
The Life Front
So far things are looking not to bad overall.

Having completed my degree, I'm off to Queensland to work for an engineering team there (will not release the name unless authorised to do so, sorry).

Can not wait to get out of this festering turd of a flat I've been forced to live in and be rid of it's never ending problems involving but not limited to (hot water heaters that break down, run up excess electricity bills and leave you at the mercy of when the hell the tight ass land lord will pay up. To think if he'd got onto it 3 months ago, the excess wouldn't have risen this dramatically. Coackroach heaven, leaking roof, fridge that doesn't seal properly so I end up with the coackroaches having a party in there, a desk that seems to attract the coackroaches no matter how much I spray and clean it(supplied with the place), security so low I soughted it out myself as supreme tight ass would see the place burn to the ground before spending a cent and finally the joy that I'll get to take the landlord to court should they not fix up this excess electricity issue. )

So here's what I've learnt. Never get a place just because it's cheap. Always pay more for a better looking place, it will save you a never ending stream of hassles. Check out the real estate agents policy on upkeep before signing anything. Before you move in and after being approved, let the real estate agent know, you want to go through the place with them and what ever you do, pick at every single little thing that annoys you about the place. Tell them you want it all fixed before you move in. That will motivate them to have things fixed up a lot faster than after you have moved in. Be warned that having to take landlords to court is not only a pain in the proverbial choomba, it can give you a bad mark against your name, that might affect you getting other rental properties in the future, so only go there as a last resort if your a poor ass ex-student that's just gotten out of University and can't afford to pay for the negligence of your landlord. I'll keep adding things on rentals for your interest and reference as I discover them.

Moving right along and enough of that. I'm looking forward to the change, will be somewhat saddened that my lovely girlfriend will not be able to join me for a year and a bit, but thankful to be moving us both out of this hell hole of a rental. Am equally thankful that I had the time to complete my first released album and ever excited about the new work ahead.

Once again, please contact me on sean.curtin@gmail.com if you would like to get a copy of this album.

First things to do when I get to QLD are:

Visit Wet 'N' Wild, Warner Bros movie world, the beaches and check out where my new work place is. Then it will be unpacking and soughting everything out. That will be the major starting points. Then after a few weeks, start nuckling into some new peices for some new albums. With no University to hinder me, I'm looking forward to being able to put more time into acheiving greater recordings and helping my collaboraters to acheive there visions.

Stay tuned for more details and the launch of my first ever website.

All the best,
Sean A. Curtin
9:52 am
Everyone and anyone who reads these, please contact me on sean.curtin@gmail.com if your interested in obtaining a copy of my first released album.

I'm really proud of this work. It's totally uncommercial, nice and mellow and I hope for the most part easy listening. I've aimed for an album that's pushed to be a different from the normal every day standards that are ejected upon us by the commercial world and feel this does the job nicely.

My plans are to submit a few copies to a couple of local radio stations and the rest are to be mailed to libraries all over the world.

My goal with this is to get the work, to ears that may enjoy it.

There's a lot of messages in there and for the deep parts of the album, I've stuck to instrumental compositions in order to ensure the easy listening side of things.

What happens now? Well after completing the distribution of this album I plan to setup a website where you'll be able to check out my latest work. There will also be a Paypal donation section for those who feel so inclined and anyone who donates over $5 will have a single sent to them as a thank you. (Not that you will not be most gratefully thanked if you donate any less, it's just postage costs force me to push this rule).

After that, well I'm going to meet some new prog rock players. As far as experimental rock music goes (my favourite kind), I see were there going as a positive future and am looking forward to collaborating with them. I'll also be helping a friend to achieve his musical visions with a number of songs he's written, so please do stay tuned and get ready for the future.

All the greatest to every one. May we all have a prosperous exciting new year ahead.

Sean A. Curtin
Thursday, November 30th, 2006
6:53 am
Sunday, November 19th, 2006
8:44 pm
A New Beginning.
Everyone, everyone, everyone.

I don't want to get too excited, just yet, as I await the results of one exam. However, it looks like my University days, pending passing that exam are now at an end.

The weeks following this have been filled with many mixed emotions, a torrent of family query and a lot, hmmm make that A LOT, of long overdue catching up to do.

I'll be plugging away at the final peices of been trying to put down through all the degree work, income work and job application work. The last two still apply so that means I should be able to get into this.

There may be moments of tension as my next door neighbour goes nuts at me, but it will just have to run it's course as I'm determined to get this out.

Amidst that, I've had a nice share of distractions in the form of Radio Controlled helicopters, aerobird and episodes of the good old A-Team thankfully transported to DVD in great quality. There's been a few trips to the theatres to see some interesting movies and the mouth watering splendour of a new restaurant I've discovered. For those interested it's the amazing Thai restaurant - SIAM,located right here in Newcastle Australia people. Each time I've been there, it's a taste explosion experience that's hard to describe in words. Needless to say, it's SOOO worth it.

Well I'm going for a jog and will then delve back into this album work before retiring to some episodes of the A-Team or Millenium.

Take the greatest care for each step is a path to your future.

More to come.

Monday, June 12th, 2006
5:56 pm
Update between works.
Just a quick update to give the presence of continual updating and an attempt at a more frequent journal. Today has been return stuff to a friend, car part hunting for preparation of my mid year service(which I'll proudly do myself). Washing the clothes. A massive load of washing after the confounded 2 weeks of drizzle and rain(Is Australia turning into England this winter?).

Now it's cooking the dinner, final project report writing and some more study for the final exam of this semester.

Back to it and more exciting journal entries to come after the University work is all finished with for the semester.

12:52 am
Important new round at the Space Port Bar, Thoughts, A New album and more.
To those who read this (you matter),
Things are finally starting to get exciting again. Why? I'm about to finally complete the biggest monkey that's ever been on my back. My Mechatronics Engineering degree. I planned to finish this part of my life, well by the end of this year, 2 years ago. Six years for a four year degree I hear you saying, well try going from a retail salesman to an engineer after having worked in the computer support/office/retail and discount department stores chain and doing what turned out to be one of the hardest degrees currently available in engineering and you've got hassles, with a capital H my friends.

Yes, I wanted to to a lot better than this, but that's life. We just don't always get what we want, but we do get what we work our asses off for, as long as we stick with it.

At the end of the day, if nothing else, I hope I can declare very proudly that Sean A. Curtin --> Spaceresearcher if you will, doesn't give up on anything once he embarks upon them.

I also feel like declaring to the top of the world that I value my word most highly and honour it to the last breath. To some people, they know and understand this but for those of you who don't know me, I also like to provide a means by which you don't have to believe but gain a security blanket.

Feel like mentioning that about 6 months ago now, I was in the market for yet another 2nd hand car after having had my last one stolen. I hooked up a deal with a guy for the sale of his vehicle to myself for $2700. However when I got there to buy it, that very day, someone had offered him $4000 and he took that guys offer because he really needed the cash. The guy was actually rather nice and gave me $100 for my hassles to compensate me.
During this time, a good friend of mine was helping me out and offered to bye an old dual CPU system I was about to sell. He offered me $50 and being someone tired agreed to sell him the system sometime. Later I realised that it was really worth a lot more than that, so I put it on ebay and got $170. A bit of a difference and being the broke as student I was, couldn't pass that up. I told my friend and he was unimpressed to say the least. I felt rather annoyed as now I had basically done what this other guy had done, but worse I had nothing to compensate him. Having said all this, this friend didn't really need the system and was basically just bargain hunting for something to sit around and look cool along side his many other systems.

However that's not the point. So I just wanted to mention all this crap to let the world know that I honour my word and will get him the dual CPU system eventually.(Hopefully should a job offer arise and to his word, he'll still require $50 for it but I'll even settle for a good shout of a fine Chinese meal at the local takeaway).

This friend is not aware of this and isn't really phased about it, infact I know he still respects me and understands my predicament. However for the last time in this entry, I honour my word, period.

Now onto something more exciting.

Soon a holiday break will be upon me and I aim, for better or for worse, to complete an album I've been fleshing through for some time. I wanted this album to be complete for the last 2 years, however have had little time for it thanks to above mentioned studies.

The album is based on my struggles to achieve a goal I once only dreamed of due to financial reasons and being one of these people who tries to keep the peace within a family by not burdening them with financial issues like forking out large sums of money for my studies. No my friends I've paid it all myself. For the first year and a half I paid it all up front and then I was forced into putting it into HECS and resorting to government Austudy payments. I hate having to take money from the system, however I did pay taxes for 4 years before hand and still pay taxes with a weekend casual job.
Through all of this one of the things that's kept me going, is music, in a big way. This album mixes my views on humanity and space and splices it with my feelings, energy, emotions and struggles into what I am calling "an honest album".

It's honest but I hope for the most part, displaying highlights of professionalism. However who was it who said that any musician who claims professionalism is about money and not the music so perhaps this could also be a saving grace.

It's experimental. While there is a handful of improvisational peices there's also some written peices.

It's mostly instrumental but for the curious (not to mention the brave), there's my vocals on there also.

Unlike many albumns we all know that spoon feed our ears with studio polished mastered beyond all original recognition with perhaps the exception of the original notes, this album differs dramatically.

What I wanted here was a chance if you will to prove to myself that I can do this. Now many people I am sure will listen to this album for only a few tracks and start casting it into the realm of the "amateur" category. Well I hope they can look beyond what may seem the odd hickup if you will, in playing, at times unexciting guitar tone(oh there's excitement there too and plenty of it, but you can't have it all like that or risk going mundane, look more on this another time, it's complex to explain) and certain noise which can appear and dissapear.

Again, WHY?, because here I would like to alert you to some cold hard facts. It's my album, I wanted to express artistic ideas in terms of the way things are played, recorded and the overall landscape or perhaps journey if you will that the listener will be exposed to. It's recorded people, if I wanted to put everything pristine and immaculate, there's no reason why I couldn't have just cut and paste things, adjusted effects here and there, masked bits etc till it was projected itself like a model after a beauty therapy session. NO NO NO. It's dishonest people. There are mistakes in places because I wanted them to be there. For example, there's a peice called: "Hurry Now". It's an instrumental, which musically to me, is just that. Thank about when your in a hurry and your frantically trying to find the keys or where you put that CD etc and time is marching on and your frantic to get out the door and the cat knocks over a bottle of your favourite beverage and it breaks all over the floor and your now trying to clean that up and find the keys and the CD and the phone rings and it's a member of the family and they declare they will say what they have to say quickly and there taking all day and your looking at your watch again and sweat is beading from your forhead and you kick the cat furiously while trying to keep a calm sounding voice so as not to panic your cherished family member who has all the time in the world and..... etc, etc, you get the picture. Are you trying to tell me that an instrumental peice of music based on that is going to be all nice and pricy like the peice Morning Mood from Peer Gynt by Grieg? NO WAY!!!!. This peice reflects that. Fear not, I actually tamed it down so it's kind of disjointedly groovy while keeping to the music. I was amazed I managed to put skits, misses and purposely added slips while keeping time. It represents how I've often found myself in these predicaments and work things out till I'm through it with a huge sigh of instant relief. I feel I've captured this musically and am really proud of this.

Well anyway, as I was saying, it's going to be finished soon.(I've been saying that for a while, but thanks to my life, soon, when it comes to my music, could spell years, however now it's nearing what I feel I want the world to hear, I can start letting people know about it).

Now before anyone get's any ideas, it's studio quality recorded OK. I'm very strict about quality in music. What I wanted however was a bit of noise at times and also a feel of the poor guitarist on a cheap low tone electric guitar in there ok. It's not all over the album, just in a few peices. For example, the peice beyond the atmosphere, represents to me, how the world is with Space exploration. Where kind of very gently pushing there but very slowly, perhaps carefully and the person filled with dreams who would give anything to be able to work in this final frontier of human exploration for the benefit of all mankind, hmmm who might that person be I wonder..... Well out with it. It's how I feel in terms of how far I am to getting there. Sometimes however I close my eyes and I'm there. I look at the stars on a cloudless night and realise in a lot of ways, I'm already there and it's my own self inflicted mazes if you will I put myself through that I'm learning to work out and keep the real important things and dreams alive and out of there.

So yep, there you go, a hopefully not too small journal entry for a long overdue explanation and what's going on there outlet.

Almost lastly I'd just like to say to all my friends, how very much you all mean to me and how profusely I must make it up to you all for being such a hermit these last few years, but I hope that you will all see it's been for a good reason and something I had to do, to become something and put myself in a position to make the differences I can make in this world of ours.

And finally, lastly, I'd like to say a big special thanks to Adeline(I know you don't like publicity so XXXOOO), my family who although being unintentionally negative and saying the wrong things(I've ignored them), have also supported me even though they might have been wishing I'd done something different, my father who's love and support to those who do not know him, might seem rather invisible, however to me who knows him well, has given me love and understanding and ensured I keep my word and to follow things through to completion. Now to 2 very special friends, Kerry Hoath for remembering my birthday(hell I probably didn't remember yours, but for what it's worth, Happy birthday to you also old friend) and to someone who has been beyond amazingly supportive and a true inspiration in my life by his extreme determination and continual drive to achievement, Andrew Hooley.
May we all continue to grow together eternally.

Alright everyone, I'll try and be less deep next entry, just felt like sharing that with the world.

More on that album in the pipeline.

Take care, live long and prosper, splundig ver and good night as I take my first steps on the road to the rest of my life in this new 29 year old body, what will never grow old is the fact, I love you all dearly.
Thursday, October 6th, 2005
10:57 pm
Ventures from the deep.
Hello before Cherio.

You know there's some things we all have to face in life. Our past, our uncertain futures, our biological breakdowns and let downs etc, but there is one thing we face more than anything else.

We face ourselves and the realisation of what we are.

With this comes thoughts of how to deal with the life we have left in order to achieve the goals and dreams that keep us going.

I'm at a junction again in my life where decisions are comming to me by the galactic truck load. There's my engineering degree of which I've battled my way through. Of late I've felt an urge to throw my hands in the air and walk away from it. Spread my wings so to speak and take off from this life, go out and do the performing I crave for, however there's one thing I'm determined to keep as a constant and that is not to give up but to follow through anything I face to it's conclusion. Adding to this, I strongly believe and feel that getting through this period of my life will provide a base for my spirit to know I can achieve many things if not all of the things I so wish for my life. Also it will show/illustrate in some way my committment is strong.

There's so much to do in this life, I can't understand why anyone could ever be bored. Sure, study can certainly get boring but then it can also be exciting if you look at it in the right way. It's like music in the sense that like good music, it takes good listening to understand it. Being a huge fan of rock music, I believe the popularity of rock, is based largely on grooves which people can easily identify and jive to in what ever way is good for them. In my own life I find that I have spurts of energetic willingness to keep myself fit, get through work, get into my acting, my music and my writing all spiced up with my numerous hobbies, then these periods of lull mellowing out where I get constantly annoyed with myself for not pushing harder.

My beautiful girlfriend A.L. has helped to keep me eased of these thoughts and helped immensely in being a comfort and a true partner. The strength she's given me is incalculable. I feel she will become a constant in my life.

Well, that will do for tonight, it's time to get some sleep. I just want to say to everyone before I go that you owe it to yourself to live your life with passion.

Night and Cherio till next time,
Sean A. Curtin
Friday, September 30th, 2005
11:16 pm
The Body.
Currently going to sleeping regeneration chamber (BRC). For sleep.
11:15 pm
The Machine.
When the time is right, it will be revealed.
11:12 pm
On the subject of toes, if I say, it's more than possible to have an ingrown toenail wedge removal operation with just local anaesthetic because I have just had it done and so far it went well, that should pretty much sum it all up right?

Hmmm, I guess the other thing to mention would be that I had to wait 3 months and go through 2 years of toenail ripouts before the procedure was finally performed to rid me of the trouble forever.

Get private health insurance as soon as possible and if you have this ingrown problem, get them to do the surgery option straight away it will save you so much grief.

Toes up,
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